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to help find the hidden questions !
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3 things to find to complete Level1
Beginning Research

Developing a viable topic is the beginning of a successful research project. How would you start to find information on Sparta and Spartans that would help you find a topic?

Types of Information Sources

You want to find out what books on ancient Sparta are available from the USC Upstate Library. Click above for a screen-shot of the library's Home Page. Which link would you choose to look for a book in the library's collection?

Look for the mouse changes on screen to help find the hidden questions !
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Keywords and Search Phrases

You have done the background research and have decided to focus on the Spartan military and its success in warfare. How would you effectively combine these terms to create a search phrase for the library catalog?

Library of Congress Classification

Books in the USC Upstate Library are organized by the Library of Congress (LC) classification system. Click here to find out more.
Here are four books on ancient Sparta from the Upstate Library. Can you match them to their proper order?

1 2 3 4
Subject Headings

When you click on a title in the library catalog results list, you can see the full record for the item. Since all books containing information on a topic are assigned the same subject heading, you can use subject heading links in the catalog to find other books on your topic.

The following are some of the subject headings for Sparta, edited by Michael Whitby. Which subject heading would you choose to find out more about agoge?

Choosing an Article Database

Learning about the rise of Sparta as a Grecian military could be an interesting topic for your English paper assignment. Your assignment requires articles from periodicals such as: magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals. Which of the databases shown here would be the best place to start?
Roll over database name for description. Hold the cursor over to see the description and learn more about the databases.

Refining Your Search

Digging further, you see that you would like to learn more about Sparta's military history and how it affected Ancient Greece. You do a keyword search in Academic Search Complete for: military history AND ancient greece.Check out the screen shot. You get 77 results.
On the left side of the screen you notice lists headed Subject: Thesaurus Term and Subject. These are indexing terms, much like subject headings in the library catalog. Which of the following Subject Terms might prove useful in refining your search?

Using Full Text Finder

Searching in a database, you run across the following citation to an article. There is no link to full-text in the database.

Dogert, Stefan, "Thucydides, amended: religion, narrative, and IR theory in the Peloponnesian Crisis." Review of International Studies 38/3 (2012), 661-682.
Learn more about Full Text Finder by viewing this video
and screen shot above.
Where can you find the article at USC Upstate?

Look for the mouse changes on screen to help find the hidden questions !
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3 things to find to complete Level1
Evaluating Information

After doing an Internet search for "Sparta military history," you come across the article in the screen shot. How can you tell if this website is a good source for your project?

Using Sources Effectively

You find an interesting fact about Spartan courage in Harry Sidebottom's Ancient Warfare (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004) and want to paraphrase it for your paper. Which is the best paraphrase for the following quote?
"For the Spartan ships to flee, their rowers, despite being ill-trained and in physical difficulties, had not given way to individual panic, but were still operating as a team." (Harry Sidebottom, 99)

Documenting Sources

To make sure you are using your resources ethically, it is important to know how and when to cite them correctly. In which of the following cases would you NOT need to cite information from the article that you use in your paper?